Saturday, April 12, 2008

Free At Last - as always - a momentous occasion

As the old spiritual goes - Free at last, Free at last, Lord Almighty, I'm Free at last. Off they go for their first look at the big wide world.

They have been christened Daniel (the little reddish one) and the other one is Lewis (don't ask).

Regina was more than happy to get outside into the warm sunny day. The boys just wanted to make sure they didn't loose track of her.

Meeting the "neighbors" - This is your auntie Pearl, boys

Don't worry, Regina, The Shepherd will give Lewis back to you all in one piece.

Daniel's wool is this yummy chocolate brown color - it would be wonderful if he stayed that color.

This little pasture didn't really afford the boys the ability to really get out there and race - but they were doing enough to keep their mom racing back and forth - she'll do that for a day or two, then, it's "oh heck, who cares what the little buggers are doing"



Kathy said...

I love that green grass! Gosh, how I wish I could get my pasture that tall and lush!

What a couple of cuties the boys are!

And....they're off!

Sharon said...

Grass!! Ditto Kathy~

Leigh said...

What wonderful pictures. Happy times around your place!