Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not much doin'...

Occasionally as I'm out driving around, I marvel at the beautiful views of Mt. Baker that we have throughout the county. Weather permitting, The Shepherd gets to see this view every morning on his way to work.

The view changes from season to season - depending on how hot it is over the summer, she will loose almost all of her snow. It is fun, in the fall to watch the snow to start building up - almost like watching an athlete bulking up before a big race.

I often wonder what the first settlers in the area thought about our beautiful mountain. Were they compelled to try to make their way up through the hills and valleys, that of course had no roadways then - I'm thinking that it would have been a pretty hazardous trip.

These are what have burst into bloom out front
behind the Glory of the Snow and in front of the Narcissus (or is it "Narcissi" if there are lots of them?)

See the pretty blue balloons flying in our driveway? They are The Shepherd's way of telling our neighbors that there are lambs down at the end of the pasture - we normally put them out front - where they literally stop traffic on the street, but Grumpy Gwendolyn is in that pasture, so the little ones and Regina are in the pasture in the back. We are hoping the when GG has her babies, she will no longer be Grumpy and we will be able to put all the sheep together.

Hope springs eternal...

Finally I would like to extend our sympathy to several of the Shetland breeders who have lost lambs this spring. It is very sad to have one's hopes and dreams of the last 5 or six months dashed in just a very few minutes. Our hearts are with them.

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Kathy said...

You are so kind, Tina, to mention all our friends who have lost lambs - and ewes - during lambing season this year.

I love how everything is so green there. My Siberian elm is starting to leaf out. It will be May before our other trees follow.
And the snow on the Peaks is melting fast. It used to stay until the end of June, but no longer. Yet we still will have temps around 17 F tonight.