Thursday, October 04, 2007

The end of summer, "fall clothes" and good 'nip

Quoting an article from MSNBC: "In dozens of randomized, controlled experiments, people who focused on the things they were grateful for were happier, healthier and more successful. In her new book, “Thank You Power” (Thomas Nelson), TV journalist and author Deborah Norville marshals this research to advance the argument that a simple but consistent expression of gratitude can carry us a long way down the road to happiness."

I didn't have time today to really study this article but I've got it printed out and I'll report on it here soon. I do believe that gratitude is good for the heart and soul and finding Three Beautiful Things about your day can certainly make that trip down the road to happiness a lot shorter. I have been neglecting that in my life lately - sigh - so much to do, so little time...but here are my three beautiful things for this week.

We had a small patch of tomatoes this summer - they are shaped like Roma's but they are little - arent these green ones pretty?

The ripe ones were very tasty - and not a one made it to the house - well, I actually only got 5 ripes ones and the temp is supposed to dip into the 30's tonight, so I suppose the plants will all be done for tomorrow. Next year I'll have The Shepherd put them where they will get more sun.

John's bonsai collection is beginning to put on it's fall clothes. He tucked this oak into the greenhouse to delay the inevitable - it is just gorgeous.

Neelix & Sinda found the 'nip bag that I got them last spring - if Sinda isn't sleeping on it (sort of like some kind of aroma therapy) Neelix is licking it. They have definately been two happy cats this week.


Benjamin Fuzz said...

neelix looks very happy with his nip!

john's tree in the greenhouse is gorgeous. this is certainly the time of year for these colors!

i've gotten out my sweaters and am getting ready for coziness. mmmm!

thanks for checking up on me. in addition to being fun with company, other things going on that have been hectic. we're ok, though.


vlb5757 said...

I am so jealous of your tomato plants. Our garden did not do well this year. We are really disappointed but there is always next year. We have no idea what we are doing, but we keep trying! You learn from your mistakes-well you are supposed to...

I used to have a cat who really loved Cat Nip. She would hop and jump and roll all in it like it was gold. It was a real show when I would give her some. What a hoot!

Tammy said...

I love that kitty face, even when its high on catnip! :-)

Kathy L. said...

I planted one of those mini-Roma's in the flower boxes on the deck this year. Mine never made it to the house as I considered them my "treat" for making it outside to water. :)

Neelix has the same look that Shadow gets when he plays with his "Wubbie Toy"...he'll get it nice and damp and rub it all over his face in pure joy.

Rascal said...

Go Neelix! I'm grateful for catnip too.