Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful...


There is NOTHING darker than a motel bathroom at night and the Hampton Inn on Grant Street in Tucson, AZ has the BEST idea that has hit motel bathrooms in decades:

Just a plain old night light! All it takes is a 20 watt bulb (or so) that is behind this little 5 or 6" grate...keeps the bathroom just light enough so you can see where the potty is in the middle of the night. They have my business forever!

The Hampton Inns also have the best complimentary breakfast - nothing "continental" about it either - a hot dish (sausage, ham, gravy, scrambled eggs, etc. - there was something different every day), with fluffy biscuits - warm pastrys, all sorts of breads, bagles, & muffins, fresh fruit, cut up fruit bowl, yogurt, cereal, coffee, tea, 3 different kinds of juices (are you ready to make your room reservations yet?) in a bright and cheery room with a BIG screen TV with the morning show on. Such a deal.

Now, this was REALLY good - it was the cheesy spinach & corn dip that we had at Buster's in Flagstaff. (Kathy, I'm working on the recipe - I'll let you know as soon as I have it perfected! )

THE BAD: Knowing that some yahoo had been through your suitcase as you started your journey. Did it make it better that they left a little note - not really -

We noticed that they didn't bother to go through our suitcases on the way back - way too may dirty clothes - or maybe it was all those little plastic baggies full of wool that Kathy sent back with me from her stash.

and, finally THE BEAUTIFUL - how can you help but not have a great vacation when you have scenery like this?

Next on the itinerary? Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monument.


Anonymous said...

Tina: Who else do I know that would actually take a photo of her room's bathroom nitelite??? I really enjoy hearing about your trip tho'. Is the sky really that blue?!!

Sharon said...

As one who is always wanded by the TSA, seeing on of those notes in my luggage on top of everything else, doesn't make me feel more secure. It makes me feel more mad. Are those aspens?? My kinda trees. My kinda sky.

Tina T-P said...

Those two years that I worked as a lifeguard left me kind of night blind (ask The Shepherd - he has a fit!) so a bathroom nightlight in a hotel room IS a big deal - there wasn't one in the room in Flagstaff and when I got up to "go" I thought the reflection of the window light in the mirror was the light from under the door - WHAM - I just about knocked myself out on the wall-

Surprisingly, even with all the slash burning that was going on, the sky WAS that blue. I see now why they call them quaking aspens -our aspens and birch leaves don't shake like that in the wind - the "quaking" makes them look like real gold!

As yes, Sharon - have a knee replacement and then you'll see what "wanded" is all about - I have to sit and pick up my feet, then they have to go up and down my back and head, finding all my bra straps and hair pins - I just don't think I fit the profile, but I guess they have a job to do - when the bad guys start using chubby old ladies as their couriers, I guess we'll all be in trouble. :-) T.

Kathy L. said...

Geez, Tina...I would have lended you a nite-light! If I had know that the hotel didn't have one. I even have one with a sheep on it! ;)

I hear you about being "wanded"...I know the next time I have to fly it's a definite possibility with these four screws and wire cage in my lower back. At least they don't use electromagnet, eh? LOL

Kathy L. said...

Or is it "lent"? :)

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