Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Stop - Tucson

The Mission San Xavier (pronounced as "hauv-e-air") del Bac is one of the most famous missions in the Southwest US. It is also one of The Shephard's favorite places in the whole world. Originally built near a Pima Indian village in 1783, the Mission had fallen into disrepair until the late 1800's when the gold rush brought more people to the area. A new priest was brought in and a school was eventually established.

Although there is no record of the architect or the artists who painted the interior and almost every available space is painted. The accoustics are incredible and they generally have recordings of monks chanting playing during the day. It is very cool and restful inside, despite the huge numbers of tourists who visit.

They still have services twice a day.

They were in the middle of renovation to the main dome, but you can see how beautiful it is by the surrounding buildings.

That night we went to El Minuto Cafe for great Mexican food with John's old friend Mary and her partner Steve. We haven't seen them in just about 10 years, but it was almost like we were just there last week. Such nice people

We had an appetizer called a Cheese Crispi, with green chilis - they aren't common here in B'ham town - so I wasn't sure what to expect - YUM - it was like a huge open faced faced quesadilla - and the green chilis were fresh not those slimy canned ones that I was expecting. Good choice, Steve!

We also spend some time visinting John's parent's gravesite. The town has changed a fair amount in the last ten years, but old Mr. "compass head" was able to find his way around quite nicely. If we hadn't been so tightly scheduled for the rest of the trip, I think we would have liked to have spent more time there - next time it won't be such a long interval.

So with the hills in the distance beckoning us, we head off north towards Flagstaff -

Nwxt I'll tell you about the good parts and the bad parts of traveling in today's post "911" era.

We're off to see Skittles and his friends.


vlb5757 said...

So far it sounds like you had a good time. I am really interested in the food. Mexican is my most fav kind of food! Wasn't it strange going to trees that are green and then everything being brown and pretty flat?

Kathy L. said...

Nice shots of the mission and Picacho Peak.

Yes...we agree - not so long between trips! :)

Sinda & Neelix let you both back in?

Karen Jo said...

The mission is lovely. The food sounds great. I love green chili, but can't eat much of it any more. I love the shot of Picacho Peak.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

what beautiful pictures! it looks like you're having fun. how wonderful to have favorite places in the world...and then get to visit them!