Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pondering sheep butts

Ah, yup, that's what I said - Pondering sheep butts.

However I thought it would be more polite to show you the beautiful daffodils that are blooming in our yard, before we get down to business.

And, drum roll please, for the first time in six weeks, we had a drug free day! Just a couple of Advil liqui-gels to combat the achey back! Now, could someone please explain to him WHY he cannot go picking up things that are heavier than a darn gallon of milk - We've had several impassioned (on my part, anyhow) conversations on how he needs to let his back heal before he starts being mr muscleman again & it's beginning to get a little stale...

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand...

Of course, the first place that John wanted to go, after he was "Up & attem" from his surgery was the barn - does that surprise anyone? One of the primary reasons was to teach me what to look for as Regina & Susie get more & more pregnant -

Here's my chores helper - for some reason Neelix just loves chicken scratch - put a little pile of it on the top of the feed bins and he'll munch it down

Here he is, guarding the hay until I get back with the feed bowls....

Oops, this is supposed to be about sheep, isn't it...

Here they are - Sheep butts - Lookin pretty pregnant - of course poor Anna D (in the center, just WANTS to be pregnant - a case of mastitis that has since cleared itself, kept her off the dance floor this year -) Isn't she the prettiest color?

Oh, Regina, how rude of me, I should have gotten the hay crumbs off your face before I took your picture - yes, I know it feels good to itch you there... and there too, huh?

Regina is probably the friendliest of our girls - although she is highly motivated by scritches - and would gladly keep me held hostage for hours, "oh, rub there, that's the spot" - I think she is probably about a week away - she isn't walking in circles and gnashing her teeth yet - then I'll know that we'd better set up the jug (pen) - Ruben got the panels out of the greenhouse for me last weekend - now we'll have to figure out how to put them together without John lifting anything - poor guy, we're going to drive each other nuts over that one, I can see it coming.

But we had a good day - not only a drug free one, but a trip to Home Depot, Farmer's Co-op, the grocery store AND the Hilltop for lunch - (yum) And a nap to boot. Made black bean soup for dinner - maybe I'll write down the recipe before I forget it - it was pretty good!

Speaking of recipes - check out the neat sugar cookies that Michelle from Boulderneigh made - her sister sent her the coolest "sheep" cookie cutter - Fun, fun, fun!

That's all I've got to say for now - It's past time to go to bed, and I have church in the morning -I'd like to take the day off, but it's the newsletter deadline, and I suppose I'd better be there to collect any stray notices, etc.

Since our minister is part time, occasionally a member will volunteer to do a service - Of course I did - And the Title of my service is "Blogging, Communication & Communities in a new century. (or something like that) Anyhow, I'm putting out a call to all my blogger friends -
#1 Why do you blog? #2 What do you get from it? and #3 Any specific point that you'd like me to make? - I'll quote everyone, unless they ask to be anonymous - I'm kind of excited about it - I have gotten permission from Susan at Farmgirl Fare to use the story of her lamb Cary for the kids story - - and who knows what else I'll come up with :-) Nite -


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Tina, you didn't even SAY that my cookies were made with one of your heirloom recipes! I did modify it a bit; used one cup of barley flour and butter instead of shortening. The results are tasty!

I blog because I've always loved "wordcraft" and photography, and blogging gives me an outlet for my attempts at both -- without the expense of publishing! And the feedback is great --although I wish I got more of it! I also love to visit all the blogs I've bookmarked and catch up on everyone else's thoughts and experiences. Through the exchanges on some of those blogs I find common ground, and have made new friends -- REAL friends, not just "virtual" friends. Finally, reading others' thoughts and formulating my own gives my brain exercise!

Kathy L. said...

I started blogging when my daughter set it up for me, stating that it would be a great way to start me on a path to a real website. It's also a wonderful way to let relatives and friends far and wide to know what's going on here. I won't have to repeat stories over and over - they all just read the blog to keep up with what's going on...well, as far as sheepy stuff is concerned.
I, too, have made real friends because of it. (Et tu, Tina?) :)
Plus Skittles makes me do it. ;-)

Karen Jo said...

I hope you can find a way to set up the pen for the sheep without John having to lift anything. I started blogging after being urged to try it by my buddy Oreo. I wanted to give something back to all the cats whose blogs I had enjoyed reading. I keep it up because I really enjoy it. It makes me really happy and I think it makes other people and cats happy, too. I think catblogging should be fun for those who write it and fun for those who read it, though serious subjects can, and should, be broached as well.

Thank you so much for the lovely limerick you left in my comments. I'll add you to my links.

vlb5757 said...

I am so glad that John is slowly getting better. He really does need to keep the lifting to small amounts. Nothing is worse than having to start all over again with bed rest.

The girls look pretty good from what I could see. I am sure the lambies will be wonderful. I just love seeing the babies.

Leigh said...

Sounds like Regina thinks she's a pet, hee hee. Such good news about John's recovery. And as for the sheep butts, well, we have cat butts around here. Not very pretty either..

Tammy said...

Hi Tina,
I have always loved reading about others 'farm experiences'---especially the ones about their animals. Books on the subject are few and far between so when I discovered 'farm blogs' I was so happy! It is quite a chore to limit oneself to not spending your time reading all day! Its so nice to 'share' seasons and experiences with others of like mind. Lambing season is even more exciting when you are checking other farms all across the country or world even. I've met a lot of great people and feel I 'know' them through their blogs. I've learned new tricks and ideas from others as well. I think that blogging is this eras 'penpals'.
As to why I blog--like Michelle I've always liked to write. I find I can express myself much better through the written word more often than through talking. Plus I can talk on and on and on about my favorite subjects---sheep, animals, farm---and know that I'm not boring my reader to death, since they wouldn't be on my site if they weren't interested in the same things! We all have stories to tell, but sometimes there is just no one to tell who will understand it quite like those who are invovled in the same thing. Now, I don't have to watch my friends and families eyes glaze over as I tell them the umpteenth lambing story of the season! ;-) Even my family that reads my blog have found out more 'about me' than they ever knew before, and I've done the same on their blogs. Its quite an interesting phenomenon. Oh, and see I've rambled on again! Tammy