Thursday, March 08, 2007

And the beat goes on........

We started on his third refill for the painkillers today. I had reduced him down to 2 pills every 6 hours or so - but now that he is up and moving around, it seems to iritate his hip and he has, what I call "pain surges" - poor guy.

He got a card from Skittles the Ram who lives with our friends Kathy & Ralph at Sheep Thrills Farm in Flagstaf, AZ. Kathy has back problems herself and has been very helpful & sympathetic to me as we go up and down on this merry-go-round that we've been on for the last MONTH!

Anyhow, Skittles invited him to come down and visit - and I think that John was more touched by that card than any others that he has received - it was really a very funny card too, about duct tape being good for all kinds of things - putting a patient back together being one of them - Skittles dictated a very nice note to his "mom" - John really liked it (thanks Kath) - AND, he is saying that maybe we might have to take Skittles up on his invitation!

Our friend Nancy took the boys to the auction on Monday a.m. - I had a really big cry about it after she left. I'm not much of a farmer, I'm afraid - and if I had to kill my own meat - the reddest thing I'd be eating would be beets.

Well, I shall leave you with this peaceful scene from a week ago Wednesday - it was so beautiful out - I had John's big work boots on so I wasn't too afraid of falling - just had a great time out in it.


Kathy L. said...

I am so sorry about the boys, Tina. I know it was hard for John, too. If we were closer I would have taken them. Hopefully you will have a nice new ram this summer. (I think I heard Skit mention something about one of his sons or something, but it was when he was absolutely stuffing his face with cookies from my pocket!)
I will tell Skittles that John liked his card. It was hard to keep that pen between his toes. ;)
And you know our thoughts and prayers are with BOTH of you!

Hugs from the SW....

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You did better than I could have with the boys. I'm a "beet-eater," in part, for the same reason. I figure if I can't face the process, I have no right to the product. That's why this vegetarian went with Shetlands; the boys can be neutered fiber pets.

I'll be praying through S-day and beyond....