Friday, July 14, 2006

What's in YOUR wallet?

A major credit card company asks this question on their TV commercials on a regular basis. Have you looked lately?

I had to change purses after my surgery, because the one I regularly use weighed too much (7# is too much?) Anyhow, my temporary purse doesn't have room for my wallet, so I had to move the "important" stuff from the wallet into the temporary purse. Ok, so I suppose I really don't need to carry the pictures of my cat Jaxom (died in 1995) or my Grandma Billie (died in 1991), but I might need that AARP card (never can tell when you're going to get a discount... & I definately need that $7.25 lunch discount card for the Black Angus...)

Costco card, Yup - "What do Unitarian Universalists believe?" - maybe - might get stuck in an elevator with someone and need an interesting topic of conversation...

Don't want to forget that spare car key - although it seems like when I've locked myself out of the car, it's because I decide I don't want to carry ANYthing and throw the whole shootin' match back into the car - including my purse, with the spare key (do you know how embarassing it is, when you work at a locksmith store, to have to call in and ask someone to come open your car?!)

Driver's licence and credit cards, of course - and then tucked away in the far reaches is a little note that I copied out of a book one day, in 1993, right after John & I got together - It's from "Wind, Sand and Stars" by Antione de Saint Exupery - the person who wrote "The Little Prince"

"Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together, in the same direction."

That's a nice thought, huh?

Busy day tomorrow - payday - up to my ears in alligators - and a Building Industry Assocn. Membership dinner tomorrow night at the mansion at the Loomis Trail Golf Course - hmm - maybe I'll take my camera - it's a pretty cool looking place. John's not going - he says he has no interest in sitting around for the evening listening to a bunch of Republicans - well I don't either, but they aren't ALL R's and even some of the R's are nice people - PLUS we get our "ROII" (Return on Industrial Insurance - a BIA program that rewards you if your workers don't have any accidents) checks if we go tomorrow night - otherwise we have to wait until next week. It's money for the company I work for, but it gives me pleasure to bring it back & we use it to pay for our annual picnic/BBQ in September. *you can have a pretty great party with $2-3 Grand - However, compared to some companies - we get small potatoes back - one of the cement companies is getting a check for $98,000.00 - oooh-la-la - - - what I could do with that in our coffers! Plus - Filet Mignon & Halibut for dinner - and I don't have to pay for it. Yum!

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