Saturday, July 29, 2006

"Cats & Sheep for Peace"

I've found another cool blog - it's called "Apifera Farm: Where animals, art and lavendar collide". A woman named Katherine in Oregon, who is also an artist, writes this blog.
( She has made a bumper sticker that I have to get - it says "Support Local Farm Animals working for Peace - If we can all get along - can't you." with a picture of a cat & a sheep - ("Cats & Sheep working for Peace") (if you click on her link to "Goats for Peace" it will take you to her website she has some very fun stuff -

Well, speaking of Cats & Sheep - I think it's time for some weekend Cat & Sheep blogging!

For some reason unknown to me, Neelix LOVES to lay in the compost pile - then he drags all that stuff inside on his fur. Blech -

Whereas, Sinda has places to go, things to do and people to whine at...

The little boys have been helping John build their new hostel - and they can be very helpful - but despite their supervision, quite a bit is getting done.

Turns out that Gizmo is smarter than we thought - he's discovered that if "someone" happens to leave the gate unlocked and if you pull on this chain, the gate will magically open and there is a whole world of green stuff on the other side.....

The little monkeys went for a walk this afternoon - John found them in the middle of the front lawn, happily munching away - luckily, they'll follow him anywhere (as long as he has a bowl of grain anyway) and he soon had them back in the pasture - those little monkeys..LOL

and Finally -


This is Lucy (photo taken in April) - she is a two year old ewe who had twin boys this spring - Her father was Whoamule Deuel & her mom was Marietta Xena. She has Flett in her background on both sides.

And this is d'Jango - He needs to go to a good home where he'll eventually have some girlfriends. He is very sweet and good natured. He also has Flett on both sides. He is fawn under those milk coco tips, and has a very silky fleece.

John would love to talk to you if you're interested in either one of these lovely sheepies.

Well, it is time to turn into a pumpkin- John is taking tomorrow off and taking a drive by himself - me - I'll probably do laundry, put up beans in the freezer and read some of the new books I got today - one from the library, two from Costco AND two in the mail from Literary Guild - Oooh - when it rains it pours.


vlb5757 said...

Don't you know that I wish I lived closer to buy some of your sheep. We want to buy some Soays but that might be down the road a bit. The flowers are really beautiful. I read your entry yesterday and thought I had left a comment. Guess not. I love long haired cats but right now they would need to be sheared like sheep, it's so hot here.

Organic Mum said...

Hey Tina :)

Aww your black lambs are gorgeous!! Your photos are wonderful to look at. I love your cats :)

Have a wonderful day reading!

Kathy L. said...

I was rolling on the floor laughing about the Houdini your sheep played on you! What a hoot! I'll bet they've been listening to the cats again. ;-)
And the garden is beautiful! We've finally had some rain to where our pasture is green and the flowers are blooming...until the elk come and this crazy lady run out with a box and a stick making noise to run them off...yelling at them to leave my sheeps' grass alone!

Enjoy the day!