Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Enduring Friendships

Almost 20 years ago two ladies, who were very good cooks, decided to open a little tiny diner on the main street of Bellingham. It was called "Around the Corner Cafe". It was the kind of a place where you might get told that you had to eat your vegetables before your could have a "Little Something Sweet" for dessert...and the kind of place you could go to see a friendly face when the boss was being a jerk...and the kind of place where you made new friends - and ate breakfast or lunch with them almost every day. But as "they" say, "All good things must come to an end" and the little restaurant closed it's doors. But the memories remained - and to this day, the friends remain friends - and get together in the summer for a potluck lunch to catch up on each other's lives -

All year looking forward to Jo's baked spaghetti & cheese or Maria's teriyaki chicken legs - yum...

And pick up on that philosophical discussion that you left off with last year at Christmas - (for you see, the friends have a cookie exchange at Christmas time, too) And we would be vvveeerrrryyy disappointed if Denise didn't bring her wonderful Around the Corner Chocolate Cake. (which certainly should have been given a much finer spot on the table - it is hiding behind that stainless steel bowl with the sesamee noodle salad in it -)

It was a fun picnic. In the hustle bustle of today's world, it is nice to see some things & some friendships endure. See you in December, old friends.

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Beverley, UK said...

Hi Tina, found you in Farmgirl Fare's comments. I like your take on life, you are right to cherish those friendships that can so easily be gone in a flash. Love the pics. Even printed the saying re love & gazing outwards - have pinned it to my husband's pin board - wonder when he'll notice it! Glad to read the title of the blog, blips are just that. You sound as though you are moving on. Nice to 'read' you. Bev.