Saturday, July 08, 2006

Weekend cat blogging...

This is Sinda - looks pretty good for 16 doesn't she?

There is a blog I enjoy reading called Farmgirl Fare ( She always has great pictures of her cats on the weekend, with links to other blogs that feature cats, too - she calls it "Weekend Cat Blogging" and I thought I'd join in, with some of my favorite pictures of our two kitties - Sinda and Mr. Neelix.

I love these pictures of Neelix - he is such a sweet cat - he waits by the gate almost every night for us to come home, and if John comes home and, Neelix has completed his "Welcoming" duties with him, he will go back out to the gate and wait for me to come home too. Better'n a dog.

And here is Ms. Sinda, daintly taking a drink out of the pond - if you'll notice, her little feet are planted firmly on the top layer of the waterfall - when she gets done drinking she wanders around complaining because her feet are wet. Go figure... Anyhow, here's my contribution to "Weekend Cat Blogging" Maybe next week we'll do "Weekend Sheep Blogging" Ha!

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