Monday, July 03, 2006

Cards & Letters

Here's what's blooming today in John's garden.

I have a girlfriend who has a BIG basket that she has saved ALL her Christmas cards for the last 15 or 20 years in. Each year, they can look back at last years cards & letters - pictures of their friends children and reminisce.

I got so many nice cards & letters while I was recuperating. When my sister set up the basket for them, she immediately started to remove the cards from the envelopes. "No, don't do that", I cried, "If you leave them in the envelope, when you go back to look at them and it is like receiving a new card all over again. I love sending cards to people. It is done so rarely anymore, with e-mail and voice mail winning out. I am my mother's daughter though - like my girlfriend, I like to keep the cards and notes I have received. It is really hard to throw them out, but my sisters and my DH have been pressuring me to "clear out" a few things. S0, I guess, I'll just have to keep only the special ones.

Speaking of clearing things out, I called my favorite florist today & she said she'd take my old florist vases - even give me credit for them towards a new bouquet! Cool! Is that a deal or what.

Abby & Frodo go to their new home tomorrow. A neighbor who fell in love with our little brown sheep while she was taking her daily walks. They will have a good new home.

Here's a picture of Frodo & dJango when they were babies. See why Carolyn fell in love with him?

I need to put together a brochure on Shetland Sheep for the this weekend's "Sheep to Shawl" at the Skagit Highland Games. They will be using one of our fleeces from this year. I can't wait to see how it works out. Of course I'll take pictures! Later, T.

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