Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's Caturday!!!

Hello Effurrybody and effurrykitty!

It's me, Bella and I get to do the Caturday report this week!  It's almost St. Patrick's Day, so Mummy decorated me with this very cool hat & green ribbon.

And for all those who've been waiting, yes, the sheepies got their furs all cut off this week. 


The shearer guy's name is Dan Riley and he came up from Arlington (about an hour's drive to the south) on Thursday and sheared our sheep and our friend Nancy G's sheep.

Mummy seemed to think he did a pretty good job. 

He had good control of those squirmy things and didn't make any cuts or nicks on them.

And Mummy said she didn't see any second cuts - what ever that means...

This fluffy goodness looked very appealing to me, but The Shepherd shooed me away. 

I thought it would be great fun to jump in the middle of that puddle-o-wool and just roll around.  He didn't think so at all. 

It always amazes me the different colors that come off of the sheepies. 

This one was The Shepherd's favorite, I think. 

And see - they look pretty skinny and geeky, don't you think. 

They got all freaked out when Mummy tried to go into the barn, and ran out into the rain.  Silly things.

Mummy took a movie of the shearer guy at work for all of our friends who don't have sheep of their own - but the ebil blogger would not let her down load it today. She'll try again next week.

Now  that the guy with the scissors is gone, I can lay back and relax - I didn't want to add my pretty furs to those big piles, so I kept far away from him.  Hope you had a nice weekend.  See ya next week! 


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fleeces and funny looking sheep!

Katnip Lounge said...

Mommy laughed and said it's like when Johnny got shaved! There was only half the original body size left over. The fleeces DO look so cozy.

Happy St. Pawddy's Day!

Momma Maria said...

I like the color of the fleece lined up together like that. I didn't know Bella was Irish ☺

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hey, Bella. Maybe you need to get your pawrents to get a couple black sheep. (black colored, we mean) You would have a better chance of jumping into the fur puddle.