Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Catuirday report and Mummy's Finished Object

Hello Effurry Body and EffurryKitty!

It's Caturday!  And it's been one pretty nice week here in the Pacific NW.  Georgie, Bella & I have spent a lot of time out in the Shepherd's gardens - partly because it has been sunny and warm out, but partly because some mystery ebil kitty has been coming into mummy & The Shepherd's house through OUR cat door and eating our food and making it stinky in the kitchen.

Mummy is upset - but The Shepherd is fur-i-ous.

Mummy wanted me to tell you about the blankie that she made *crocheted) for the grand niece of her older sister.  It is kind of round and kind of star shaped.  And BIGGER than she thought it was going to be - but the colors were so pretty and the yarn was a soft & fluffy stuff - she hopes that the new baby will like it.

This is Glory of the Snow.  The Shepherd didn't think it was coming back in the garden, because it was a little slow to come up this year.  But, it is up, and it is ALL over the place.  Where it was originally planted (in the flower bed in the front of the driveway) and over there - (across the driveway,) and over there - (under the bamboo), and over there (by the big pine tree) - Mummy says it's like lemmings marching to the sea! 

We wanted to wish EFFURRY one of you a Hoppy Easter.  The Shepherd and Mummy will be verry busy with church things this weekend and then Mummy is going to bake a Turkey for Easter Dinner.  I hope we get a little bit.  I likes Turkey! 

This little blankie is for the baby's older sister (she's about 4) This is for her dolly.  It would also work for big sister to put her head on when she is lying in the grass. 

Mummy said I could finish the blog today, with my verry best poem -

     " Happy Easter!
          Happy Spring!
              Happy, Happy

We hope you all have a great weekend!!

Love, your roving reporter,



Michelle said...

Lovely post, but I especially liked seeing a new-to-me flower – Glory in the Snow!

Katnip Lounge said...

What is with a stinky introoder coming into your house!?! that is just so wrong...he (we bet it's a he) needs to be trapped and neutered.

Happy Easter!

Tammy said...

Oh dear. Did you ever figure out who was using the kitty door uninvited? And to think he would spray as well. Debil is right. I have a black tomcat that is marching around here, spraying things but he can't come in the house. I'm hoping to get him lured into a trap and take him for a little 'tutoring' lesson before much longer. Don't mind him around, but don't appreciate the need the spray everything. We have enough of our OWN problems. ha.. Hope you have come up with a solution.

Kathy said...

Wees hopes you find that ebil kitteh and show him som manners! Wees also hopes hes not one of those stinky black and white striped kittehs that comes around heres...they really stinks!

Purrs from Moochie, L'il Rascal, mama Daisy, Europa nd Uncle Shadow
in Airy Zona