Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Spring - Down on the creek

 Last week while I was home on staycation, I went out and played pawparatzi with the kitties.

The Shepherd planted these daffodils down on the creek about 15 years ago after he buried my dear Jaxom. It was a spot that he loved to sit under the tree and watch the world go by. I always think of him in the spring time when these dafs are in bloom. 

Today's explorer was Miss Gracie.  

I have a feeling that when I am at The Salt Mine during the day, that the kitties spend a fair amount of time down on the creek.

There is always something to see - 

Different things to smell

and lots of logs to climb in.  

And sisters to stalk....

The mighty hunter/brother has Gracie in his sight...

She doesn't suspect a thing.

Du dum, du dum, du dum
du dum.........

The end.

(BTW, if you wish to see an unexpected "portrait" in this picture, click on it to biggify.)

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I just hope there's nothing down by the creek that hunts kitties! Here, we've been seeing adult coyotes hunting for their little ones...and neighbors cats and small dogs sometimes go missing. :(

Pat those kitties for me!