Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Caturday!

Hello effury Kitty and effury Body!

It's ME, George and I'm happy to announce that The Shepherd is the guest photographer for today's Caturday report.

Mummy has been busy keeping up the blog for the 2012 Squalicum Valley Artisans Faire that she will be participating in next Saturday. Not only has she been working on that blog (and ignoring ours!), but she has been working at her string machine or sitting with the little metal hook night and day to get things ready for her sales table.

The cool thing that I heard today is that she will be home almost all next week from the Salt Mine! She'll be doing the last minute things for the sale, but just maybe we'll get a little extra snuggle time in the mornings!

Speaking of snuggle time, The Shepherd says the Miss Bella and I find the darndest places to sleep.  They are really nice and shady, and we are cooled by the earth under the barky stuff.

It has been pretty hot here in the Northwest - it has only rained one or two times since the first of August.  The lawns are all drying up and brown.  The Shepherd is not very happy about that, because that is part of what he does for a living - mow lawns - and if the lawns don't grow, he don't mow, if you know what I mean...

The Shepherd doesn't use the computer at all, so when he brings in his camera, and Mummy dumps the pictures out of it into her computer, he says they enter a black hole and he never sees them again.  So Mummy sat at the computer for the longest time this morning, organizing the pictures that he took over the last 9 or 10 months and sent them all over the interwebs to a place called Walgreens Photo Shop - they printed them all up (144 pictures!) and they were ready for her to pick up this afternoon.

She says technology is marvelous - what ever that means.

These are some of the pictures that were hiding inside his camera.  The broccoli is all gone now, but there is some in the freezer, and the corn that the raccoons don't get will be ready in a couple of days.  It is so good that Mummy says she doesn't even need to put butter on it - and Mummy is the butter queen, so she ought to know! 

 This was another thing that happened earlier this summer - on the 4th of July, I remember, because both Mummy and The Shepherd were home.  They heard a big crash, and thought that the neighbor guy was doing something with machinery.

Turns out, it was someone who missed our corner (see those black tire stripes where he hit the brakes?)

 Well, he didn't hit them fast enough and crashed right into our fence and then he backed out and drove away!

The Shepherd was really mad.  Look what it did to the fence! 


These last three pictures are from a place where The Shepherd goes to do his yard keeping work.  Isn't it pretty there?  Looks like a wonderful place for kitty to sleep, under all those ferns -

 And look at this - dinner on the fin -

A guy could really enjoy living here. 

Mummy says she gets all these great blogging ideas while she is driving around doing errands, and thinks that she will remember them when she gets home - nope, they fly out of her brain the minute she hits the driveway.

We're going to make her start carrying a little note book to write her great ideas in. 

We hope you all have a great week -

XOX  George



Lilylou said...

I love reading your blog, Tina!

Katnip Lounge said...

Mommy got all worked up reading about the corn...and we know she'd use lots and lots of butter, no matter what!

Leigh said...

George, what a great report. I have to agree about the places you cats find to take naps! Love, the Shepherd's garden. And the broccoli photo reminds me of what I need to plant next. :)