Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yippee - we get to go Outside!

Friday afternoon, Violet was ready to get out of the lambing jug (and for reasons that will become apparent at the end of this blog) The Shepherd moved her and the babies to the front pasture.

The Shepherd is admiring Frosty's markings - he does have the cutest little face, don't you think?

And this one is just stunning - what a pretty little girl. It is really funny how sometimes they "just look like sheep" - and other times - the boys are very masculine looking (broad chest, heavy brow (think Worf, the Klingon from Star Trek) - and the little ewe lambs are just dainty and "pretty" -

Oh, and the reason he needed the jug "emptied out" - Vanessa had these two yesterday morning between 4 & 6 a.m. - Little Ole in front and his sister Dottie in the back.

Baby watch is on for tonight with Donna -

Don't look so stressed Vanessa - you could have had SEVEN lambs like that Finn Sheep did in Snohomish last week! Holy cow - talk about doubling your flock in one fell swoop!

Out into the big wide world. That dog is our neighbor's Tipper - waiting for her "mom and dad" to come home from work.


Nancy K. said...

OOOOOOOOO! Violet reminds me SO much of Alice!

The ram lamb looks a lot like Alice's newborn boys as well.

Katnip Lounge said...

Too sweet! I thought three was the limit for lambing...shows what I know.

sheepsclothing said...

what a cute bunch of babies! I remember when Frank and Felix were just tiny like that :)

Tina T-P said...

Hi Nancy - Now that you mention it, Violet does look an awful lot like Alice -

Well Trish - I can only imagine the look on that sheep's face when she was done and there were all those little rug rats running around -

Denise - yes, they don't stay small for long - even their wool is growing fast! T.