Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Contemplations on Working Cats

Sometimes I feel like that old commercial - "Parents - it's now 9:00 - do you know where your children are?"  

Our kitties are farm cats - they have a job, and that is to keep the rodents and bunny units out of the garden and the barn area.  So far, they seem to be  doing a pretty darn good job of it by the carcasses that they leave laying around (although I do wish they wouldn't bring froggies into the house!!!)

I really try to make sure they are inside at night – that’s when a lot of “bad things” happen to good cats – run-ins with hungry coyotes or raccoons, fights with neighbor cats looking to enlarge their territory -   When it is rainy or cold, not so much of a problem – but these spring nights are getting to be warmer and they stay out later and later – not coming when I call.  

Often, it feels like the blood rushes from my head – my ears hiss with my distress – How I managed to keep Sinda for 21 years is a mystery to me sometimes – she spent most of one summer across the street at a neighbor’s and after I would call and call,  she would come back home, but she used to actually lie down in the middle of the road – like she was daring the cars to run over her – I’m lucky I didn’t get hit by a car that summer in my efforts to “rescue” her!  

So, I give them over to their guardian angels –(and our fenced yard to keep the dogs and coyotes out) -  and breathe a sigh of relief when I feel Gracie jump on the bed to sleep with us or hear George jump up on the TV table,  With their feral beginnings It would be cruel (and impossible) to keep them inside  - George most certainly would tear the house apart trying to get out – we learned that last summer.  Inside/outside suits them fine – me, I still worry  


Leigh said...

Actually my comment on your last post suited this one better! I just started reading and kept on going. :)

Lilylou said...

Me too, Tina. And I keep watching, just in case Max makes it back home again.

Karen Jo said...

Working cats need to be out and about, it's part of their job. You can't help but worry when they won't come in at night, though. My guess is that they are smart enough to come in if a coyote or raccoon appears.

Franna said...

I sure worry about the barn cats, too. In doing their job - which they do well! - they're exposed to plenty of dangers. The biggest one is probably the road. Cats that stay on our property are fairly safe, but once they go outside the fence/across the road, it's cars, coyotes, dogs, raccoons, etc. I hope their guardian angel kitties keep watch over them.