Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Caturday Report!!

Hello every body and every kitty! It's me, George, with this week's Caturday report.

Well, I must inform you that Mummy received something called a book in the mail last week and ever since, she has been totally COMPLETELY USELESS!

She does nothing but sit in a chair with this thing in her lap, turning pages - turning pages. (It was Christina Dodd's new book "Betrayal")

I just don't know what to do with her.

So, Gracie and I went outside to enjoy some of the sunny days that we've been having here in the Pacific NW.This week, I have more than sun puddles to play in - I have sun lakes, sun oceans!

One of the things that happened this week was that Mummy put that awful flea medicine on my neck! (It's for your own good sweetie) It made Bella REALLY mad and she wouldn't even look at Mummy for a couple of days - especially she wouldn't let Mummy touch her!

Anyhow, I was feeling the need of a good dust bath to help that yucky stuff along.

Mummy says sometimes when I lay in the sunlight like this she can't tell me and Gracie apart - all my browns come out.

But Gracie doesn't have soldier buttons on her tummy like I do. Oh, boy, that sand feels so good.

To end the week, here is a picture of our front gate - The Shepherd planted a lot of flowers that all came up this spring. I heard Mummy say it is very pretty to come home to.

I hope you have a good weekend. Mummy and The Shepherd are taking all of the sheeps furs to a "farm sale" tomorrow. I hope they aren't selling our farm!! (no, George, it is a sale AT a local farm where other shepherds and fiber growers are bringing their fleeces to sell to local spinners so they can increase the size of their stash)

Bye everybody, Your Roving Reporter, George

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