Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Caturday!

Hello Everybody and Everykity - It's ME, Gracie, reporting in with the Caturday report!

It rained cats and lambs this week here on the farm - there were two of the little buggers born last Caturday morning and then on Thursday, Mummy told you about the new big bruiser, Makks - Or "Marietta's MacDonald"  - is his formal name - He was born in the middle of a pouring down rainstorm.  The Shepherd kept coming back and forth from the barn and finally when the little guy was borned, Mummy went out too -  they both got VERY wet!

Mummy wanted to show you some of the pretty flowers that The Shepherd has in his collection.  This is a Magnolia tree,  it is about 10 or 12 years old, but it is only about two feet tall!  Aren't they pretty flowers? 

Here is Georgie's favorite spot to sleep in the greenhouse.  The Shepherd worries that he might get locked in there so he has to scan all of the obscure places that George likes to snooze before he can shut the greenhouse up for the night.  .

Mummy calls Bella "Miss Dirty Feet" - The Shepherd calls her "Pigpen" - ha ha ha  - they don't call ME names like that. The other night when Mummy stopped to close the gate, Bella jumped in the open car door and got muddy paw prints all over the seats in Mummy's car!  Good thing they are leather seats and the mud wiped off - not so much on the lap of Mummy's pants though.  She was not pleased.  (Mummy here - Bella has also decided that she wants to get in the shower with me in the morning! Go figure with that - so far, tho, she jumps out when I spray her feet with water)

So that's all that I, Gracie, have to tell you about - Mummy and The Shepherd went to a Farm Sale last week (they didn't sell the farm, thank god), but they did sell a whole lot of The Shepherd's sheeps furs.  And here is, as Mummy calls it, "a teaser" to show you what SHE bought -she said she felt it was her moral imperative (what ever that is) to support the other farms that were there selling things.  Sounds like a just a good reason to buy more sheeps furs to me...

Everyone have a great week!

Love, your roving reporter, Gracie 


Katnip Lounge said...

Never a dull moment at your house...we only WISH we could go out and get muddy paws...GO BELLA!

Lilylou said...

I love your blog, Tina!

Lilylou said...

PS. That's me, Kit. I am getting ready to shift to gmail and changed my userId.

Anonymous said...

"moral imperative". I will have to remember that one!

Leigh said...

Love the kitty updates. It amazes me about Sinda. She was just meant to be in your life for that long! Glad to hear your crew is doing well and doing it's job well too. :)