Sunday, October 09, 2011

Oh, give me land

lots of land, under starry skies above,

Don't fence me in -

Let me ride through the wide open spaces that I love,

Don't fence me in. -

Let me be by myself in the evenin' breeze

Listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees

Send me off forever, but I ask you please,

Don't fence me in.

Trip to "The Ranch" 2011 -

Thanks to Cole Porter/Bob Fletcher for the great lyrics.


Michelle said...

Perfectly orchestrated/illustrated, Tina! I am in line to inherit land in Kansas someday, although I doubt I'll ever get to live there....

Kwee Cats said...

Those sure are some lovely places to not be fenced in :-)

Kathy said...


schoonoverfarm said...

Gorgeous photos Tina. I hope you had a nice visit.