Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Caturday Report!!

Hello everybody!

(Excuse me while I attack this rather frightful corner - it's in my way - even my laser stare can't get it to move)

Well!! It's Caturday!

And, Mummy proclaimed that this week was our first birthday! She was told that we were born in October, but they really didn't know when, so, Mummy picked a very wonderful and good luck day for our birthday - 10-10-10!

Mummy, put that flashy box away!

Mummy got us a new toy when she went to the PetCo store for our foodies last week. She said that she refused to get us any thing with feavvers on it because she thought it would make us want to chase birdies - Well, that might be true -

So this is a plastic stick with a stretchy cloth string on it -

We like playing with it and sometimes tag team it

We got some very tasty stinky goodness for our dinner (I think she gave some to that floofy black kitty too)

I (George) like to sleep on Daddy's clothes - I keep them all nice and warmed up for the next morning.

Good night Gracie...

And I (Gracie) like to sleep on Mummy - It makes me smile to be next to her at night - especially if she moves her feet around - I can pretend that they are tunnel snakes and ATTACK them!

Good night George.

Good night and happy birthday to our two darling kitties - you have made such a big difference in our lives. XOX Mummy


Michelle said...

They may not fill the holes Neelix and Sinda left - no, they are busy excavating their very own craters in your hearts! But isn't it loverly?

Katnip Lounge said...

Happy belated birthday! We know about corners, they're tricky sometimes...

Leigh said...

Happy Birthday George and Gracie! You two are absolutely adorable.