Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Not quite Wordless Wednesday -

Well, mummy has really done it now!

She fed that furry black cat some of OUR food! Both crunchies AND stinky goodness!!!

I think The Shepherd is kind of mad at her. He likes only having two kitties (that would be US, me and Gracie) - and doesn't want that furry black cat to think that it lives here.

I think that the fur monster was REALLY hungry though - I heard mummy say that it's been hanging around the neighborhood since just before we came to our new furever home here and that's since July! She thinks that someone dumped it and when it finally came to our porch last night, it looked so hungry that she couldn't let it go without food. And it must have been too, because boy he/she sucked down the crunchies and then begged for more - mummy caved and gave it a can of stinky goodness that the sis & I had stuck up our noses at (well, the label said it was for Senior cats, and we are just kittens!) And it kept trying to come into OUR house! Through OUR cat door!

Then I heard mummy on the telephone begging (I mean asking) the kind neighbor lady to take this nice kitty. We'll see what happens...

Well, that's it for now! Your Roving Reporter, George


Tammy said...

Uh oh....hope that neighbor comes through Gracie and George...

Kathy said...

Our mom would have done the same thing as yours - fed the kitty. We know allof you have hearts big enuff for the kitty, too. Maybe the kitty can stay in the barn and help wif them mousies. There's enuf fo every furr baby.
Our mom sez that God sends kitties to where they are needed, you just have to open your eyes as well as your heart. ;)
maybee he needs some shots from your cat doctor, too?

Kwee Cats said...

Oooooooo, you gots to let us know if the neighbor gave Mr. Kitty a home.

It so good to see you guys again. We appreciate you missing us. You guys are just great friends.

(((hugs))) and have a super good weekend.