Sunday, October 23, 2011

Looking back Sunday

Looking back into my October pictures found LOTS of pictures of pumpkins - pumpkins on the vine, pumpkins waiting to be made into pumpkin puree, pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins.

Last year we put about 25 or 30 1# packages of pumpkin in the freezer. I didn't bake as much this year so...There is still a LOT of pumpkin left - we have some friends who really like it though, so they will probably take a bunch - We've got snacks tomorrow at church, & I'm making pumpkin bars and pumpkin muffins - two more packages gone...

In October 2006 I went to San Antonio (all expenses paid) with our local Building Industry Association Membership committee -

It was a fun trip and San Antonio is a very interesting city. Doesn't hold much draw that I'd go back anytime soon though

The Grand Canyon in 2007 - probably one of the best vacations that we've taken - except maybe to Sequoia National Park -

Even though I'd seen it in pictures, they don't do the area justice - and there is just something about walking up to the edge of the canyon and looking over to the other edge - WOW is all you can say.

We also got down to The Shepherd's old home town of Tucson.

Mission San Xavier is one of his favorite places. It is so serene there. I always look forward to the visit.

In 2009 I got my Ashford Traveler wheel. I sure have enjoyed using it and creating some pretty nice yarns.

Our trip in '09 was over to Eastern Washington - the pictures were very much like the ones I had on my post last Sunday - things don't change very quickly over there.

Things are changing quickly here though - this year it seems like the reds are redder - the yellows are bright sunny yellow - and I just realized that we are less than 10 days away from November - Only two months until Christmas ! EEeekk! - BUT, I have my main Christmas presents for my sisters already - so I'm a step ahead of where I usually am this time of the year.

And it's only 2 1/2 months until my birthday! Another EEEeekkk! I will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of my 40th birthday this year. That's when The Shepherd and I started going out.

Why does looking back make everything seem like yesterday?


Michelle said...

We'll be in San Antonio just before Thanksgiving this year. Rick has vet meetings; my mom and dad are driving over from Amarillo so Brian and I can enjoy their company. I love the River Walk and Brian can't wait to go to the Alamo again. I use a lot of pumpkin/winter squash puree; I always run out before the next season!

Franna said...

Hey, Tina - '52 was a great year, don't you think?

Katnip Lounge said...

mmmmmmm, PUNKIN!!! I love pumpkin, any way.
oh heck, I'll admit it, I love food...

Anonymous said...

I love your looking back. I can't believe you have had your Ashford 2 years already! Happy 20th anniversary of your 40th birthday and meeting The Shepherd early!