Monday, July 18, 2011

The Tail of two Kitties

Little by little we are learning the ways of The Mrreows.

Gracie is soft and kind of like a rag doll. The black rings on her tail go all the way around.

George is growing daily. The Shepherd says it's like living with a teenaged boy - and he eats like one too -

I love the ladder pattern on his tail - the tip is black, as are the bottoms of all four paws. His fur is soft and sleek -


Kwee Cats said...

Gracie is pretty. That is the neatest pattern on George's tail. Does Gracie say goodnight? And does George smoke a cigar? We just wondering ;-)

See you guys later!

Franna said...

Hah! I keep looking for the "like" button.

Yvonne said...

Beautiful new furries! Congratulations & many purry years to you all.

Leigh said...

Love those tails. :)