Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spinning, spinning & more spinning

Here is some more yarn that I've been working on for the Artisan Faire in September. It is potluck roving from Ferndale Fiber - I talked to Kathy at our wool sale last spring, and she said that it is most likely Targhee - it is soft and springy.

The colorway is called Granite. The pink didn't come out very well in the close-up, but you can see it in this picture really well.

I will make a pair of fingerless mitts from it and have the rest available as yarn.

This is my first attempt at three ply yarn. I don't know how it should look, so I don't know if it looks good or not. It will be for a sweater for The Shepherd

It is 80% Shetland/20% Alpaca - It is spinning up OK - it's just so boring spinning white yarn.


Leigh said...

Those yarns look positively huggable. I found 3-ply to be a boogerbear. Maybe you have more patience than I have to perfect it!

brandi said...

Yout yarns look so soft and pretty. I love your new children, by the way. I love watching the little kitties on here grow. Sometimes I miss it. brandi is an elder cat!
Carol (mama Carol)