Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Mrreows go outside!

Mummy and The Shepherd let us go outside last night!

But not for long - there were big thunder-boomers happening and Mummy was afraid that we might run away like Neelix (one of the ones who came before) did one time - he didn't come back for a week! So she called and called and we finally came back in the house .

I think George was kind of annoyed, because he tried to jump on the front door.

They said that they would let us out again tomorrow. I hope it isn't raining!

Your roving reporter, Gracie

"Mummy here - The Mrreows got to go outside for a good part of this afternoon too - so much that they totally exhausted themselves exploring and chasing those darn pesky wabbits (GO George) They won't have free reign for a while, but they were good kitties and came when I called for them to come inside.

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Kwee Cats said...

They do so good coming when supposed to. Chasing those wabbits sounds like fun! The thunder-boomers, not so much to us.