Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tree peony Tuesday

The Shepherd is slowly building a collection of tree peonies -

They are pricy little suckers - $25 - 40 minimum - but well worth it - they have been fairly hardy and are putting on more "shrubbery" every year.

I particularly like this variegated one - some of the blossoms came out all red this year - I hope that isn't a sign of things to come.

I like the flash of color that they add to the garden.

And here is another of our pretty Japanese Maples for Michelle - this one in miniature!

We are enjoying the few days of sunshine that we have been given - It had been almost 9 months since we had 70 degree days!

I need to get out and take some pictures of the lambs - or the little sausages as The Shepherd calls them - they are so rolly- polly, and growing like weeds!


Michelle said...

Ooooh, you can just move that beautiful little collection in that photo right down to Boulderneigh for me!

Franna said...

Beautiful! Love that bonsai maple. Good job, John!