Monday, June 27, 2011

We took 4th Place!

This is Ian Stewart - he was this year's fleece judge for the Black Sheep Gathering.

He had to pick the top 5 Shetland fleeces out of the class of 24. Not an enviable job, by any means.

Click on any of these pictures to biggafy them and see the beautiful crimp in this fleece

This is the proud Shepherd with his fourth place fleece from our wether, Galloway. Hopefully the ribbon will help us find a nice fiber home for him, (Galloway, that is, not The Shepherd) even if we can't find a place for him with his twin brother Vern (the ram) who has produced so many beautiful babies for us.

We have entered three times in four years, and been in the top 5 twice, and in the top 10 all three times. Good job Mr. Shepherd!

And can you believe it? I think I convinced The Shepherd not to sell this fleece - I want to spin it.

Nice strong locks - and it will wash out a pretty creamy white.

I took a few more pictures of our visit to the Black Sheep Gathering - I have stories of the class I took and pictures of (I know I didn't need any more, but I just couldn't help myself) the fiber that I bought to play with. Later -


Mim said...

Congratulations on your fleece win and your purchases!

thecrazysheeplady said...


vlb5757 said...

Congrats! I know you both must be tickled pink about getting fourth place. I have seen fleece judging and I have no idea how they ever make up their mind. It's a tough job I am sure. Makes it all worth it doesn't it!

Kathy said...

I think you SHOULD definitely keep Galloway's fleece for yourself, Tina! (Even if he makes you actually buy it from him!) It looks like a gorgeous fleece!
Too bad it's a far trip, or Vern and Galloway could do a stint here. I sure understand - we small farms need to keep those genetics moving along.
Well done, Marietta Shetlands!