Sunday, May 15, 2011

From the Garden

Aspergrass - that's what my sister & I used to call it - my grandma had a bed of asparagus the size of- well, the size of a single bed but maybe longer -

This is asparagus from The Shepherd's garden - and yes, those are quarters -

And, yes, it is purple...

It wasn't that it had been growing for a while - one of the bigger stalks (the one at the bottom of the picture) is only a day of growing!

But it was very tender and tasty - because I was cooking it with some (much thinner) stalks that I had bought at the grocery store, I decided to split each stalk in half - the cooked up very tender - in fact much more tender than the thinner stalks from the grocery store.

The shepherd thinks there will be one more little picking of about this much - he's got more growing in the greenhouse from seed - and some he planted last year in gallon pots. I'm thinking he'll be moving it all into the garden for coming year's production! Yum.


Franna said...

Yum! is right. The fat spears are the healthy ones - tender and succulent.

vlb5757 said...

We have been trying to eat any many asparagus as we can while they are in season here. Yours look fabulous! Wish I was there to help you eat them.

Kathy said...

My asparagus is coming in big and thick this year as well. Hmm...I wonder if that means something?
Yeah, yummy asparagus!!! ;)
Missed calling yesterday. I'll try your cell at lunch today.

Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to plant some aspergrass. Yours looks great!