Sunday, August 08, 2010

Looking Back Sunday

Looking back to this week in August 2006 has lots of pictures of beautiful sunflowers in The Shepherd's garden.

The goldfinches loved his sunflower garden - and boy would they scold him when he was out and about cutting stems to sell to local florists.

We made this sign two years ago when we were at the Skagit fair. We will use it again this coming week - got a lot of halter training to do between now and next Friday...

Have you ever seen purple cauliflower? It was very tasty - but this year his purple cauliflower is still very tiny - I did however put 12 quarts of broccoli in the freezer last week (sans pill bugs and slugs, I hope)

We had broccoli/ham quiche (broccoli from the garden) for dinner, with side dishs of green beans AND sweet corn (from the garden). He also brought in the BIG YELLOW Tupperware bowl full of purple pole beans tonight but I was too tired after dinner to do them, so I stuck them in the fridge and I'll do them tomorrow night -

I was reading the cook book "The Perfect Recipe" the other day and the author talked about steaming fresh corn on the cob. A concept which had never occurred to me, but I always get frustrated boiling corn on the cob because it always seems like there is a part of the ear that is out of the water - and when you steam it, ta da, the whole ear gets cooked at the same time - I tried it tonight, it was delish and I will probably never go back to the other way.

Hope you are all having a good summer.


Anonymous said...

STUNNING sunflower garden! And I have never even heard of purple cauliflower. Wren would LOVE it! Ham/broccoli quiche is YUMMY~!!! Hope you're having a fabulous summer!

vlb5757 said...

I just love looking at your flowers and garden. We don't have as large a garden as you but I am still thrilled to get anything to grow not really knowing what I am doing. I just canned my first peaches today. Bit scary! Everything sounds yummy. I love shelling beans. Did it with my grandmother when I was a kid. Great memories!