Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Colors of August!

Wow! August is almost past tense!

I have put together some of my favorite August scenes from our garden.

The Rose of Sharon bush/tree right outside our back door is heavy with bumble bees this time of the year - luckily they are more interested in the blossoms than they are in me.

One thing about August is that you can always tell where our drainfield is...

The corn du Jour is Mirai - a Japanese hybrid - it is better than dessert! (and it doesn't even need any butter - and coming from the "butter girl" that is saying a LOT!)

Dahlias are my very favorite flower (unless you count Zinnias, and Asters, and - oh well, maybe all flowers are my favorites...)

Dahlias come in so many different colors and styles - These are "Bishop's Children" that The Shepherd grows from seed.

I barely caught these pretty little daisies before The Shepherd (aka the "yard guy") mowed the pasture....

Pink Lupine, also grown from seed - there are purple ones and red and white ones so far - and half of the plants haven't bloomed yet! .

These California poppies have become one of our favorites this summer - there are as many colors as there are plants and he planted a bunch of them. Hopefully, next year they will come up from seed (and still be such pretty colors.

The garden has been so stressed from the heat, but these petunias on the front porch don't seem to have minded it too much.

These cone flowers just look so happy in the bright sunlight -

while this fern looks cool and collected in the dappled sunlight by our front door - this summer has been just a little slice of paradise...

Now for more visions of August from all around the world go visit Sue at Life Looms Large. Thanks again, Sue for letting us all find the beauty that is around us to share it with all of you.


Annie said...

Lupines are among my favorites, too (like you: I say that of many flowers!) but unfortunately snails and slugs love them as well. The plants never live long enough to get flowers here. So I enjoyed your lupine flower most today!

Delighted Hands said...

Gorgeous blooms....my son lives in DesMoines, Wa now and so I enjoyed your tour of his 'neighborhood' through yours!
The pansy is so fancy-never seen one like that!

Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful colors of August!

That corn looks absolutely delicious!

Lupines are one of my favorites too. Ours bloomed back in June (but it sounds like this might be the first year for your plants so maybe they bloom later.... or its just that different locations really have different weather.)

Your posts always make me want to be more diligent about tending to my gardens. You have lovely flowers!

Thanks for sharing your colors of August!


Anonymous said...

Wow - the beautiful colour in the California poppy isn't one I've seen before! And the corn looks like one could eat it without even cooking it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blooms! The califonia poppies that you gave us in June have really gone to town and are just gorgeous- it would be so neat if they reseeded themselves! Will keep my fingers crossed-

Valerie said...

gosh, your flowers and your photo's are so crisp and clear!

Lovely colors for August!

Sharon said...

Hmm, I wonder if that Japanese hybrid corn is what we're buying at Costco? I eat it for snacks and dessert - just discovered it. Wonderful colors there, as always~

Marsel said...

I have always wanted to grow lupines and have seen several inspirational photos of them this year...I think it's time to stop dreaming and start doing. :) That pansy is amazing, I've never seen one like it.

Leigh said...

Beautiful Tina!