Saturday, August 28, 2010

And then a week later

Spinning wheel - check
Chair - check
Story board (How wool goes from Sheep t0 Sweater) - check
Wool to spin - 100% Shetland roving - check

!/2 day off from work for me and the Shepherd - check

Off to the NW Washington Fair we went and, as days go - the weather was great - none of the 90 degree heat we'd had the week before, thank heavens -

These two ladies were having a great time - and were surprised when I said it was 2:00 and they could go check out the rest of the fair - spinning does have a way of whiling away the hours -

My friend and "spinning mentor" Yvonne took the next shift after mine - she came a little early, not sure of traffic or parking - besides being the 100 year anniversary week for the fair, it was Kenny Rogers night , so it was bound to get crowded.

There were many lovely items in the wool show - I didn't enter anything this year - just didn't get "a round tuit" -

And, of course - the obligatory cow -

One aside note - the "Dairy Women" have a booth selling "Moo-wiches" - an ice cream sandwich between two giant chocolate chip cookies - they have been the hit of the fair for many, many years - The first night of the fair, someone forgot to fill the generator for the freezer truck - 5000 melted Moo-wiches - Oops...

But, not to fear - cookies were rebaked and more ice cream was brought in - there were Moo-wiches to satisfy all fair goers - tragedy was averted.


Michelle said...

Oooh, Moo-wiches sound WONDERFUL! I wonder if someone at the Oregon State Fair will have them; we're going tomorrow . . . in the rain . . . .

Kathy said...

Neat! I hope you're around today or's been a while, hasn't it?