Sunday, July 11, 2010

A visit with the "lamb flock"

Since Wicket and Krissie were pitching such a fit about their mom's being gone, I decided last Saturday, that I would go out and spend a little bit of time in the pasture with them.

They have been in the front pasture since birth, they often come up to the fence when I am leaving in the mornings, so I always give them scritches and pets - they pretty much know who I am - so I figured they would come up to me to visit.

The Shepherd got out my camp chair (sorry, there is no way I could get up and down off the ground - it just doesn't happen any more) and as you can see, I spent a fair amount of time keeping Wicket from "tasting" it - the foam pads on the arms, the nice padded seat, my shoes, my sweat pants - He was a bundle of fun (ie, energy) - especially when he decided that he wanted to do some "lap dancing" - I still have a huge bruise on my arm from that little escapade... sorry fella - you're just tooo big to do that anymore.

I got a kick out of his ears - he has these perfectly matched "moth" spots on his ears.

He was wethered early and you can see from the first picture that his horns, had they been left to grow as a ram would have been a disaster! We still may have to trim them - but they are growing pretty slowly now. We'll see - that is one horrid job.

His fleece is very pretty though - The Shepherd has already decided that he is going to have the whole thing blended together - no way to keep the white and the black separate -

It hangs down in these nice ringlets -

I generally try not to get too attached to the sheep - I see them as pets - The Shepherd sees them as farm animals (and it is his flock) - so several times, I have gotten really close to one of the sheep and for one reason or the other, that sheep doesn't fit in/isn't producing the kind of wool he wants/who know's why - and that sheep is "down the road" - the first time that happened, I really cried - so I decided that it was better not to get too friendly with them after that.

Nice crimp, huh?

I took more pictures of Krissie - but for some reason, I must have had the exposure set wrong because almost all of the pictures that I took of her were "bright" and over exposed.

I'm not much into genetics but I think that she will stay black - her wool will make some hand- spinner very happy!

One of the other reasons that I chose last Saturday to make this little visit to the pasture was that The Shepherd had also weaned Robin and Ruby from their moms that morning

This is Robin - her wool (under her lamb color) is the same color as her light ruff around her neck.

And I have decided that the word is not B-A-A-A, it's M-A-A-A - as in Mamma - where are you -

Poor Robin - Luna took one look at the new pasture that The Shepherd offered to them and never looked back -

M-A-A-A, Where Are You?

Ruby was being a little quieter than her half sister - I just love this picture - you can really see the blaze on her face - Ruby's mom is Pearl -

Pearl of the LONG fleece - it will be interesting to see how this little gal's fleece turns out - it will also be musket.

Oh, and Donna & Vanessa - they thought about coming over to see me, but not quite yet. They were still in the "quarantine pasture" - but he put them all together on Sunday - and although there was a bit of a skirmish to begin with - all is quiet (relatively) now.

P.S I know you are wondering why Robin & Ruby have those "bare patches" on their necks...

Ever heard of the old saying "The Grass is Greener on the other side of the fence"?

These guys subscribe to that notion - not only have they go the bare patches on their necks - they are really starting to push the fence out. Silly sheep...

I hope you enjoyed my little visit with our lambs.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that black sheep is lovely :D It's looking at the camera in a knowing sort of way!

Leigh said...

I loved the visit with your lambs! Alternatively with Wicket's fleece, you could just grab handfuls randomly and spin. I think it would make a really cool yarn.

Kathy said...

I think you need your own flock, Tina. ;-)
Maybe you can talk John into keeping the ones YOU want for your own spinning??????