Saturday, July 10, 2010

New girls in town -

Since both Jewell and Moni had "birthing" problems, The Shepherd decided that they needed to go to a new home/spinner flock where there would be no chance of them getting bred - Since we had gotten both of them from our friend Donna - she graciously offered to take them back in exchange for two of her lambs from this year. Both of these girls have such beautiful fleeces, I am glad that they are going back to their original home to live out their lives.

In exchange, we got two new lambs - Tinkerbell and Pixie Dust - however, The Shepherd decided that he wanted to re-name them - so we now have DonnasSheep - "Donna" (so named because her wool is almost the same color as Donna's beautiful red hair)

And DonnasSheep Vanessa

We loaded them into dog crates and since it was cool, we all went to a local restaurant for the yummiest brunch.

So, after several years, The Shepherd has his little red sheep back. I think they will both hold their color too - as they haven't done the "lamb color change" yet - here are Wicket & Krissie checking out the new girls in town.

They both have just the sweetest faces and are different enough that even I'll be able to tell them apart.

They had only been weaned for a day or two when we moved them, but they were very good and quite quiet, in contrast to Wicket & Krissie (whose moms went back to Donna's) - they are STILL complaining.

Poor little things.


Tammy said...

Congrats on the two beautiful new girls! Gotta love those redheads! ;-) I'm so glad too, that you were able to do a sheep swap with the older girls going back to their previous farm.

vlb5757 said...

I can't wait to see what the red fleeces look like when they are sheared and processed. Wanna sell me some roving??

Anonymous said...

Nice photos of the girls- thanks!