Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A busy Saturday

This past Saturday we went to Monroe to participate in our friend Gretchen's Fiber Frolic. We had hoped to sell some nice Shetland fleece or roving, but alas, everyone was keeping a tight reign on their purse strings. We did make a lot of contacts and got a lot of "hands on" the fiber - so maybe next time...

When it was over at 4:00 we had to scurry home to get ready to go to our friends Lydia & Kurt's for a Concert at Meadow House -

This special concert, a coming together of three very talented women, was one of the nicest events that I've attended in a long time -

Lydia McCauley is an artist that The Shepherd and I have followed for the past 18 years - To our delight, over the years, we have gotten to know Lydia and her wonderful partner and husband Kurt, and try to not miss any of her concerts.

This evening Lydia joined with Nancy Rumbel and Jami Sieber (both internationally known artists who are from the Seattle area) for a very special concert called "River"

Jami Sieber plays electric & acoustic cello. Amazingly -

We first met her a year ago when she opened for Lydia's last concert. She is an amazing musician and vocalist - It is hard sometimes to distinguish the difference between her voice and the voice of her cello - they are that close.

One of her life's projects is protection of the endangered Asian elephants, which she came to know about after a trip to Thailand in 2001 - You can read more about her work with these beautiful creatures here.

Nancy Rumbel has performed with The Paul Winter Consort and for over 25 years with Eric Tingstad as Tingstad & Rumbel.

To quote the bio on her website: "NANCY RUMBEL is a professional composer, recording artist,performer and teacher. Her primary instruments are oboe, English horn, double wooden ocarinas, clay ocarinas and keyboards."

She even has a CD out of her ocarina music - fancy that!

And speaking of CDs - Look what I won -

My very own copy of Jami's CD "Hidden Sky".

What a great evening it was.


Kathy said...

Cool beans! Congratulations on the win! It's always nice to have something to listen to (while you spin?) from a favorite artist.

I think things are tough all over re: the selling, Tina. People are keeping money close to home here as well. I think things will pick up closer to Christmas when folks will be making presents for family and need fibers and yarns for projects.
Plus, summer heat does not make one think of yarn and wool. It's been hard enough here just to keep all the cat hair from sticking to me, let alone fine wools. LOL! That's where your business cards will come in handy...they may not buy right now, but maybe later when they see your card and remember your nice fleeces.

Lydia McCauley said...

So nice to have you and John here for the event!