Saturday, July 24, 2010

The colors of July

It's that time again! Sue at Life Looms Large has put out the call for us to contribute the Colors of July from our part of the world.

It is such a fun exercise because people from literally all over the world join in.

There is nothing that says "July" to me like a Margarete Daisy.

One of the bloggers who generally takes part in "The Color of..." is from Australia -

As we sit here and swelter in our 80's and 90 degree weather, it is winter time down under. How soon we forget!

The purple pole beans on the back side of the house are blooming to beat the band.

Soon we'll have big bowls of yummy beans for dinner!

Can you guess what this plant is?

This is my lovely view of Mt. Baker on my way to work in the mornings. It's over 60 miles away, but looks like it's just "right there".

We have just had quintessential summer days the past two weeks. Bright blue & sunny skies and not too very hot in the afternoons.

The barn swallows are peeeeeppppping at their mamma & daddy for their dinner.

A walk through the garden yields all sorts of beauty.

Our nasturtiums self seed every year -

The blossoms and the leaves are variegated - and they seem to be more resistant to the black aphid that often hangs out on this type of plant.

These little yellow tiger lilies peek out from under the Japanese white birches.

I took a few stems of this beautiful, fragrant "Orienpet" lily to work last week. It made the whole office smell lovely. I think this one is called Caravan.

And their are tassels on the ears of corn - you know what that means - Yum for the colors of August!

The Shepherd has corn, sunflowers, three different types of beans, beets, parsnips (ugh), asparagus, broccoli, purple cauliflower. rhubarb and...

and, pumpkins, of course.

Now, go check out Sue's blog for more colors of July!


wendy e said...

Beautiful colors! Thank you for sharing. You're so right, I start to think that the color/weather/zeitgeist around ME is the only one there is. It's good to look at everyone else's world, too.

Anonymous said...

The lily is amazing - and I can imagine the scent. Lovely July colours all - can't figure what that plant is - I thought clematis at first...

Tammy said...

Nice recap of July! The nastriums look allot like the 4 o'clocks that I have here. Wonder if they are in the same family? I love how they reseed as well. What a lovely garden the Shepherd has!

vlb5757 said...

Your flowers and garden always looks so good. I so enjoy seeing the flowers! We are boiling out here on the east coast and it's frying my garden and flowers!

Kathy said...

Just rub it in, Tina. lol! Thank you so very much for sharing - I love it. We have finally received some rains and things are greening up here. It's so nice to walk to the barn and not have the "crunch, crunch, crunch" of dry grasses and weeds under my feet.
Are the beans the same ones that I ahve? Do you eat them as green beans or let them go for dry beans? And I meant to ask the Shepherd how long the growing is for the bean seeds he shared with me???

Leigh said...

What a beautiful assortment of photos and colors. My nasturtiums couldn't take our heat. :(

Life Looms Large said...

Gorgeous colors of July!! Glad you're having some great summer weather too!

I don't know what your mystery plant is....I don't think it's one that we have around here...but I could be wrong!

Those purple beans look yummy! Neither of us are really gardeners, so I envy folks who are!

Enjoy your summer!

Annie said...

This 'colors of the month' is such an enjoyable excercise! I love seeing what everyone puts up every month.
For me July is the month when the garden starts giveng edible things, like berries, tomatoes, etc. You had the same thought! Great - so far from each other, so alike...