Monday, April 19, 2010

More preparations......

Catnip for tea for the kitties...check

Friskies Party Mix for the kitties...check

Frosted Animal Crackers for their beans...check

Earl Grey Tea for their beans...check

Sinda, patiently waiting in the garden for her big day...check

Come on, baby girl, you know what they say about "a watched pot". Your company will be here soon enough.


Tammy said...

Still working on plane tickets for eight and their 'bean from here in Missouri! ;-) I am so awed that Sinda is turning 20! What a lovely girl she is, and I would not guess her nearly that old. Such a blessing to have her in your life for so many years too.

HisTek said...

Twenty years for a cat is DEFINITELY something to celebrate!!!! She must have gotten EXCELLENT care to have lasted this long. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Sinda!

MoMo said...

That's a grand old age! Happy, Happy Birthday, Sinda!

You have a lovely garden.