Thursday, April 08, 2010

MORE BABIES! (This is the last of 'em, finally)

The shepherd found these two little charmers when he went out to the barn yesterday a.m. Actually Violet had been on baby watch since the night before - I checked before I went to bed at 11:30 - she was out boogieing around in the pasture with her buddies. She'd had one before his breakfast and then one afterwords. I caught these pictures before I went to work.

I'm calling them Skippy and Bosco - for lack of better names right now - they will most likely go to Denise for the beginning of her spinner flock, in exchange for the beautiful vest that she knitted for The Shepherd this winter. So she gets naming rights.

Meanwhile, Luna and her week old babies nestled in under the eaves. . . They got kicked out of the barn temporarily because they were causing such a ruckus.

And Pearl waits to know if it's safe to come in yet. Yup, all's clear girl.


Speaking of Pearl, It often seems that when one ewe has her lambs if her friend is anyplace close to lambing it will happen within 24 hours.

Last night, The Shepherd noticed that Pearl was "kicking her udder" and "talking to her side". When she started burrowing into the corner of the barn, he knew things were going to happen soon. Nothing this a.m, and The Shepherd/Gardener had appointments with customers, so he had to take off.

When he got home after lunch, Pearl had already cleaned up this young lady. Her name is Ruby - she will probably be fawn and brown like her momma -

Here are a couple of pictures that I took of the boys this afternoon - they are just a little over 24 hours old here. Sure wish they'd been girls.....


Tammy said...

Beautiful Tina! All three of the new babies are cute as can be. One more ewe left here to go, and it's definately a RAM year here as well. Two beautiful yuglet fleckets whateverits but both rams... agh. So it goes and they are still cute.

Kathy said...

It was great learning of the "newbies" at Marietta Shetlands! I know you both will breathe a sigh of relief with lambing over with for this year.
What a nice batch of lambs! Congratulations to you both - I know the Shepherd is jazzed at having some girls this year.

HisTek said...

Congratulations on your beautiful lambs! And the Shepherd's sweater vest is gorgeous (I looked it up). Bet you're glad lambing is over.
Chelan, WA

Anonymous said...

Beautiful babies- So excited that I get to come and see them tomorrow!