Saturday, December 05, 2009

More Random Thoughts....

It's cold out - probably as cold as it was two years ago when I took this picture from our front door. It's 36 degrees out, but gusty winds out of the north east (we're talking Arctic winds here - brrrrrr)

It's 'sposed to stay cold (low 30's & 40's for a week - but sunny - yay for sunny)

Here is another good book to read - Louise Erdlich "The Painted Drum" - The simple plot: The story of an Ojibwe drum- it's tales and travels, and how it makes its way back into the right hands.

The complex plot: how Native Americans were/are treated - sometimes hard to read - hard to justify how people could act that way towards others.

I haven't read any of her other books, but I understand that this is her 11th novel. It was well worth my time.

A co-worker has loaned me the CD's of "Three Cups of Tea" written by by David Oliver Relin (my co-worker's nephew!) about Greg Mortenson's program to promote peace in the world by building schools - starting in Afghanistan. I will listen to it while I spin.

I think I need to spend more time out taking pictures of the critters - this is the only picture I could find of H.B. and it's almost a year old.

The girls must all be settled because "The Boys" are getting restless - banging on things and on The Shepherd (bad Cooper!) - Anyone want a handsome HST ram? He needs a home so The Shepherd can transition the yearling's into the ram pasture. Rams - can't live with 'em, can't leave them by the side of the road...

Meanwhile, Sinda is MAD at me - she needed a worming pill and today was the day to do it.

For such a small cat, she can put all 8-9 lbs. behind NOT taking a pill.

I had her wrapped in a towel to try to keep her front claws from tearing us apart - could NOT get her mouth open - She is so very stubborn about taking pills - and the last time I checked worm shots cost about $40 - We tried one of those Pill holders - but my vet tech assistant (The Shepherd) was only able to get it into the side of her mouth where she would tuck it in and then spit it out! Finally, bruised (Sinda) and bloodied (The Shepherd and myself) 10 minutes later, I finally scooped out some Gerber baby food, chicken flavor - her favorite - and enticed her to open her mouth. I don't know - maybe that $40 would be worth it...

Finally, I've had 24,917 visitors to my blog over the past couple of years - I'm thinking maybe I should have a contest for the 25,000th visitor. I get between 15 & 30 visitors a day - but you're going to have to leave a comment so I can figure out who it is - may be two prizes - one who guesses the day & time and the one who is actually the 25,000th visitor. I'm thinking some nice artisan chocolates from Chocolate Necessities - our local gourmet chocolate company might do the trick - if I can't get people to comment on content, I'll bribe you with chocolate.

I hope you are having a good weekend, where ever you are.


vlb5757 said...

I feel you pain about worming Sinda. Since I have 5 dogs we are constantly giving someone a medication of somekind. Sometimes it's fight and sometimes they snaff it down like it's candy. We just never know what kind of a mood they will be in.

I really love your snow shots. We came close yesterday, but alas not one flake. Stay warm!

Tammy said...

It's funny how different all the animals are when it comes to medications. Meshach hates liquid meds and fights like a fiend, but pills are okay. Sage is pretty compliant about anything I put in his mouth. Boone can search through an entire bowl of mixed canned and dry food to leave one tiny aspirin uneaten. I have no idea how he does that with that big old snout! Chocolates for a prize, you can't go wrong there. :-)

Michelle said...

We're getting that same artic wind here; BRRR! Our woodburning insert can't keep the house warm enough to be comfortable.

I think you'll hit 25,000 Tuesday at 4:57 p.m. -- and I hope I'm it! (Can you tell I have a chocolate problem?)

Kathy said...

Ooooooo! Chocolate!

I'm sure Miss Sinda will get over being mad when it gets cold enough she wants to snuggle with you in bed. ;)
We're getting ready for the snow - they keep changing the date, but say blizzard conditions. Ralph said if it's that bad, he'll be sick that day (which he has been). I don't want him to slip and undo all the surgery he just went through!

Anonymous said...

Wormingpills... I gave up the violent method the first time I wormed my cat... My solution is a tastless pill dissolved in food. Works fine.

lois said...

You mentioned two wonderful books! I listened to the Painted Drum on audio book during my work journeys in was wonderful. I heartily recommend Louise Erdrich's other books...begin with Love Medicine!

And I read the printed version of Three Cups of Tea...should be required reading for all those who craft our foreign policy!

Sharon said...

I really enjoyed The Painted Drum but my favorite of hers so far is The Master Butchers Singing Club. I need to read more of her - thanks for reminding me.

Leigh said...

Oh my, I'll comment without chocolates, but with, yes indeedy.

Let's see, I doubt I'm the 25,000 visitor, but I'll guess Wednesday the 9th. Time? Gosh, that's harder. I'll say 6:02 pm.

Kim said...

I love how vets say"JUST give these to your cats three times a day"... yeah, right! when we moved several years ago, we picked up a HUGE palm tree pot to load it in the truck, and behind it was a whole pyramid of little blue pills my marmelade cat had faked taking (for cardio myopathy) faked swallowing and managed to eat around while cheeking, and then spit out behind the palm. He never even heard drummers (ala Thereau) but bagpipers instead! Congrats on your visitors!