Sunday, December 13, 2009

Looking Back Sunday

Whatcha doin T.?

Oh, I'm looking at pictures to see what I want to use for my Looking Back Sunday post.

Did ya find one?

Yes, I'm going to use the picture from when we took Susie up to her new home with Ellen and Mike in Rockport. She needed to go to a home where there were no rams around, because she shouldn't have any more babies.

I saw Ellen on Saturday at my spinner guild meeting. Susie is very lucky that she got such a nice new mom.

Off she goes to check out her new digs and her new suite mates. Ellen said she is happy and healthy with very long wool (but she'll wait til spring to shear her this time...)

Thanks, Ellen, for giving Susie such a good new home.

Speaking of rams, weather and road conditions permitting, HB & Cooper are going to the auction tomorrow. It was a nice idea to have three breeding groups, but not so nice when the bored boys started tearing things apart last week. It cost The Shepherd many many green papers to buy repair parts for the fences and things that they have torn apart. I will miss the big lugs, but I sure hope the roads are passable and that the auction will be open tomorrow. This is not a good time for us to have to shell out many green papers to fix things around here, if you know what I mean.

I'm going to go have a cup of tea (hopefully it will get rid of my sore throat) and dive into the new Joanne Fluke mystery that my sister Nance sent me last week. It came in a box with a beautiful Americana egg blue sweater and salmon colored blouse (although I'm not too sure about the ruffles...) that she got at Value Village. I love it that she loves to shop - she's get's outrageous deals on stuff and most of the time things fit (which is amazing because we have pretty different body types - she's got a good eye, I guess) - & I don't have to go shopping.

She also sent me a pair of knit slacks in the most remarkable shade of purple. They are very comfortable to wear about the house, but I don't think they'd be socially acceptable to wear out in public. What is it that makes companies produce clothes in my size in colors that are beyond comprehension? One of the many mysteries in life, that include Rubik Cubes and Sudoku.....

Have a good week, and stay warm.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry the boys got themselves a one-way ticket outta there, but understand. Right now I have everyone situated in a way that seems to work well, but will eventually have to change things.

Donna said...

It is sad about HB and Cooper. I wish they could have found nice homes.

Kathy said...

I'm sad for you both too - I know John was so excited when HB arrived. That said, I can sure understand about having more rams than you need on a small place.

Did you catch my cold (sore throat)? You better take care of yourself!

Sharon said...

I want your sister!

Donna said...

Hi Tina,
So my blog was removed from the internet by for MALWARE. I retyped my last blog entry from early this morning to a temporary new site at