Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Shoot Me.....

These three little boys are looking longingly at

this .....

That's a LONG way when you are separated from your mommy for the first time.

The Mom's were unhappy -

The BOYS were REALLY unhappy -

It breaks my heart to hear them cry like that - I even went out last night before I went to bed and tried to bribe them to SHUT UP with some graham crackers...... Didn't work.

I hate weaning weekend.

"Oh, but we didn't know we'd each get our own bowl - maybe this isn't going to be so bad after all."

We'll see how long it takes for Galloway to get his squeaker back. Over the last 24 hours, he "Baaaaaaaa'ed" himself hoarse. Poor little guy.

I REALLY hate weaning weekend.


Nancy K. said...

So do I!
It's the one time of year that I actually look forward to going to work. Anything to get away from the heart wrenching sobbing...

Thank God it doesn't last long!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Still hearing the pathetic calls of the lambs here. The ewes are quiet, but my wether will talk for no good reason and when he does, he sets all the lambs off again. Bramble has cried so much she has this high, thin falsetto "maaaaa" that doesn't even sound like a sheep!

Kathy said...

I always picked a weekday as my neighbor on the barn-side would be gone all day. I'd put the weanlings in the barn with the shutters shut, then the moms could be out in the pasture. At night the moms would be shut in the other end of the barn, shutters shut. Usually, it was over in a day.

Have a great trip!

Donna said...

We are weaning as well, two lambs every three days which prolongs the agony for us. It is so hard when they are so cute and innocent. Plus I want them to be friendly but I catch them to take them away from their mothers, to give them shots and yucky medicine and to trim their hooves. No wonder they are nervous when I come around!