Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bowing to Temptation -

funny pictures of cats with captions

Actually the dust bunnies have just gotten bigger, they are threatening to take over the spinning wheel and the strawberry rhubarb pie that I baked tonight tastes like "Old Spice" because I have gotten totally involved in the Joanne Fluke mysteries that my sister Nance sent me last week - I'm almost finished with the 4th one (I think there were 10 of her books in the box). It's called "Lemon Meringue Pie Murder" and it is pretty fun. I have been trying to figure our which one of her recipes I want to try first - most of them are pretty regular cookie recipes - but there are some intriguing ones.

Oh, and the strawberry rhubarb pie tasting like Old Spice? Instead of grabbing the plain cinnamon - I grabbed my Pampered Chef "Cinnamon Plus" which contains cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and CLOVES! Warning - do not put cloves in with rhubarb. Yucko - The Shepherd didn't complain, but he probably figured if he did, he'd never get another pie - ha, ha, ha . . . He brought in some extra rhubarb, so I made some plain rhubarb sauce - I think if he puts a couple of spoonfuls of it over the other, it might kind of hide the taste of the cloves.

Well, gotta go - I only have 16 pages left and I think I know "who did it" - then I have another 6 ounces of targee top left to spin up for the baby sweater I'm making. Everyone have a great weekend!

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Kathy said...

It was great talking to you this weekend. I hope I was coherent. that festival exhausted me! :) Sold all my fleeces in the first two hours of the festival, then sat on my bum the rest of the weekend, but did get some teaching leads on Sunday.
Have fun with the novel.
Didn't I mention you shouldn't read and cook at the same time? LOL!
Hugs, Kat

Leigh said...

Thanks for the tip. :) My grandmother used to grow rhubarb and my dad loved it. I will have to give some a try. It's supposed to be useful in natural dyeing too.