Saturday, April 04, 2009

Free At Last

Sorry for my absence. (my sis even called me to find out if I was OK - You haven't been blogging! she said...) Well, about 2 1/2 weeks ago, I bent over to dry my toes after my morning shower and things have not been the same since. What is the old saying, "It's he** getting old"?? Two weeks of chiropractic visits have only led us to the conclusion that most of the problem is stress (not gonna lie - probably true) but still that doesn't solve my problem. I have been taking a Back & Muscle Relief medicine that was purchased at Costco in Canada - but may have to resort to going to my MD for something stronger as things are just not progressing the way they should . In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures taken the next day from our most recent "blessed event" - Don't they just have the funniest faces? We are calling them Vern (the one on the left) and Galloway (the one on the right with the "belt") Galloway is quickly turning grey - his belt won't show at all soon, I'm afraid.

This is our friend Diane who came to visit the boys their first morning - "Vern" is named after her husband.

The boys made so much noise the first couple of days that The Shepherd took to calling them "The Talking Heads"

And here they are a week older - yesterday a.m. when The Shepherd put them out in the front pasture. Lots of wailing and carrying on - mostly by Luna - "Where do you think you're going" She'd cry as the lambs took to stretching their legs for the first time - Olambpics, here we come!
She'll run off some of that post-partum chubbyness pretty quickly at this rate.


Donna said...

Very cute photos! I am sorry about your back- I can sympathize- I cannot bend forward until about noon now- having to do all the animal chores by myself for the last week. It's sounds like your is much worse. Trying to stretch, anti-inflammatories (Aleve), hot packs, the chiropractor, and Flexeril (prescribed muscle relaxant) is what helps me. Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy the lambs and spring better!

Yvonne said...

Congratulations on your new additions. We had six rams out of seven births this year. What's up with this? Next year we'll be doing an estrogen dance around the barn before we get the girls together with the ram.

Sorry to hear about your back. Take it easy!

Sharon said...

Lamb pictures are always cute but until I was at Mim's the day she had a day-old lamb, I had no idea *how* cute they are. It warmed the cockles of my heart~

So sorry about the defiant back - hope you land on a solution soon. It just builds, doesn't it - pain, stress, no sleep, pain, stress....

Kathy said...

OK...give it up and GO TO THE DR.!!! I know...I hate going too 'cause I hate to find out that something else is falling off, but sometimes...when all else fails...they DO come in handy and you sure don't want to have a disc problem (or worse) go untreated. Look what happened to me - years of pain.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hope your back heals soon.

Those lambs are adorable!