Monday, April 06, 2009

Blessings from the earth

Sinda caught a few rays this afternoon - she loves this tree box -

This is Pacific Rock Cress - My camera doesn't do justice to purples at all - but it is so purple it almost hurts your eyes. There is one house in town that has two foot wide beds of this spring flower all the way around their yard. I always try to make sure I get by there when it is in bloom -

This little beauty is less than a foot tall and one of The Shepherd's prize bonsai plants. It got center stage at church last Sunday.

The dafs seem to have enjoyed all the cold rainy weather that we've had this spring - they are blooming like crazy!

The computer is going to the hospital this next week, but I have a few things "stored up" for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully it will be a one day/in and out/pretty easy installation of extra memory - I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one!

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Kathy said...

I can hardly wait for spring here...but have another month to wait. :( Sinda looks like a Queen overseeing her domain in most comfortable fashion. What a neat ol' gal she is. :)