Friday, February 06, 2009

Off the Wheel -

Here is another picture of some of the yarn from Regina. I found a web site where you can make scarves for soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan. The scarf can only be made of wool and only in certain colors and one of them is tan - I think this looks pretty "tan" - don't you?

At Christmas time, the ladies in our office (there are only 7 of us) exchange names and do a gift exchange. The young gal whose name I got is also a crocheter - so I thought what a better gift than to spin her up some yarn.

She really likes pink - and Nancy at NW Handspun Yarns had a big basket of balls of "potluck roving" from Kathy Green, a local processer, and one of them was, ta da, this pretty rose color. Since I hadn't had time to spin up the yarn before Christmas, I just gave her the bump of roving in a Christmas bag, with the promise that I would spin it up for her. She was really delighted, because the friends that she crochets/knits with are all self proclaimed "Yarn Snobs" but none of them spin, so she'll really have something special to work with. It ended up spinning out to about 300 yards and was surprisingly soft. Last night I wound it up into three little yarn cakes and took it to her today at work. She was very pleased.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a wonderful gift for your co-worker! I hope she realizes it, and so do her fellow hookers.

Could you give the link for the "soldier scarf" site? I can't add more to my plate right now, but would like to later.

vlb5757 said...

I am so glad that you are thinking about knitting for soliders. Both my sons are in the Army and one is about to deploy for a year overseas. I am not thrilled that he is going but I fully know that's his job. To have people look past the politics to do something nice for the troops just make me tear up. Thank you very much.

Kathy said...

You just keep getting better and better!
It's so nice that people do things for the soldiers. Back in The Day, all we got was spit on. Now I am so delighted to see people appreciate soldiers/sailors/marines/cg for their dedication. Thank you, Tina!