Sunday, February 08, 2009

Looking Back Sunday - The Eighth day of April 2007

Looking for pictures taken on the 8th day of the month I found April 8, 2007 -

Sinda was out playing on the lawn -

This is Regina (of the wool I am using for the Scarf for soldiers) - That is Luna and her brother, I think.

This year's lambs will be her soon - we are scheduled for shearing on the 3rd of March. So, look for the weather in the PNW to turn cold (it always does the week after we shear).

Tulips and pansys - what a beautiful flower pot The Shepherd put together that year.

Michelle at Boulderneigh gave me an award last week, so I'll go fetch it, and I have joined Franna in paying it forward. I can't show you what's "Off the Hook" yet, because it hasn't been delivered, but my Soldier Scarf is coming right along. I'll get to it next week too.

Cheers! And have a great week out there!


Kathy said...

That green grass and the beautiful flowers are a blessing today as I sit here amidst a blizzard. It's cold, dark and just downright nasty here.
Thanks for the "Cheer Up". :)

Wrensong Farm said...

ahhhhh, Spring.....I am antsy in anticipation! Thanks for reminding me about how things will be looking in the (hopefully) near future!!