Saturday, August 16, 2008

We went to the Animal Fair ~ ~ ~

The fun of our trip to the Skagit County Fair was somewhat pre-empted by Neelix's passing - but here is my report (finally, you say?)

Here is our little "corner" of the world - between two big pens of Suffolk sheeps - or pens of BIG Suffolk sheeps, I should say - the little gals on our left had market lambs who were also being shown in open class - cut short by the processor's arrival on Saturday morning. Many tears as they said good bye to their sheep friends - (and that would be why I could never raise market animals - you work so long getting them tame so they will show well, then, it's like the Queen says in Alice in Wonderland - "off with their heads!"

Here are "the inmates". They were surprisingly well behaved for the whole time that we were there. Of course there were lost of treats involved with the whole process too...

The Shepherd had worked tirelessly on halter training - so to test out the situation before the show, they went on a little jaunt around the fair -

They boys were perfect gentlemen out on their walkabout - and good Shetland ambassadors!!

No fair would be complete without a visit to the chickens, would it now?

John shares a few last minute hints with our friend Margot, who helped show Danny.

Our friend Nancy G. showed Louie for us. Thank you Ladies - we couldn't have done it without you!

Our Judge was Amy Wolfe, who judged last year as well. She makes a point of giving the breed history and telling what the breed is used for before she judges each class. Very nice young woman. (She is also a shearer and a spinner - so she definately knows what she is looking for)

In the Ram Lamb category, Danny placed third and Louie placed 5th. Louie, who is the fellow with the WIDE horn set in the second picture is for sale. Anyone want to add some Flett to their flock?

Our boys also got the BLUE ribbon for the best pair of ram lambs. They were so evenly matched, she said there was no other option.

Luna's fleece (blue ribbon from Black Sheep Gathering) took second place in the Shetland lamb fleeces - although he would have been happier with the Blue, the fact that she came in second indicates that it is a truly superior fleece.

Here is a picture of our motley crew - NW Shetland Breeders and Washington Wool dot Net Board Members.

Starting back row going clockwise -
Me, Nancy G., The Shepherd, Tom S, Dave & Franna (in the red), Sally T., Donna S. & Joyce T.

Joyce & Nancy joined me with their spinning wheels - we were quite the little "educational" display for people.

It was, all in all, fun. And we met many nice people, made new friends and got to see old friends - that's what the fairs are all about, isn't it?

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Kathy said...

Great post, Tina! I know this show was hard on both you and John due to the passing of your lovely ShepherdCat, Neelix. (I wonder if he's watching over sheep in Heaven?)
Congratulation on the boys! I know John put alot of work into their you say they were Shetland Ambassadors par Deluxe. :)

Hugs fromt the rainy, stormy SW!