Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Neelix update

Several people and kitty friends have asked for a Neelix update. What is the old saying, "De Nile is not just a river in Egypt". I guess I just haven't wanted to talk much about it.

We went to the V.E.T. today - Neelix has continued to lose weight - and with the heat yesterday, he could barely move from one place to the other. So I called and left a message for Todd (our V.E.T.) to call me back - we talked about options, (*NOT "that one" ) about why he is continuing to lose weight - there are no lumps or bumps (other than mats of fur that he won't let me cut off - maybe when they grow out). We also decided that since they never did a urinalysis, that I should bring him in this a.m. & he'd see if he could get a little bit to test - to see if there were a lot of proteins in it or what. (since he's been eating pretty steady, its just that the "food" isn't metabolizing or something.) The blood tests were negative for kidney problems, but apparently urine tests show other things -

Being in a "coulda-shoulda-woulda" mode, I agreed that I should bring him in - he REALLY didn't want to get into the PTU (that's prisoner transport unit, or, in other words, the cat carrier, for those of you who are uninitiated to cat language). He also was a lot more spunky than he's been in a few days. Adrenalin maybe? Anyhow, the V.E.T.'s office was packed. including someone bringing in a BIG dog on a stretcher, and they still were able to get me in within an hour. He'd had a big drink of water before we left home, so there was something in his bladder. They were supposed to call me this afternoon, but didn't - so I'll check with them in the morning and post a quick update before I leave for the fair.

What fair you ask? Well, The Shepherd has entered H.B., Louie and Danny in the open class sheep at the Skagit county fair in Mt. Vernon. He has been working very hard halter training them so they will behave in the show ring.

It is a little fair - I didn't walk around much last year - since I'll be there tomorrow afternoon and all day Saturday, I'll explore a little and report in. He's also taking Luna's Blue Ribbon Fleece - we'll see how she does.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of my baby boy - I took this a couple of years ago, and even had a mouse pad made from it. Doesn't he just look sassy? Please get better, my little friend.


Anonymous said...

Hey aunt t -
I'm sorry to hear that Neelix isn't doing better. I was hoping the "no news is good news" bit was going on. Hope all goes well.
Have fun at the fair. Chris is working the SWWF next week. Grandmom & Grandad are taking P-man on Thursday. We'll probably go another day, too.
Keep us posted, please!

Riley & Tiki said...

Poor Neelix. We hope he feels better soon. I had to have a urine test yesterday, but I wouldn't go at the vet, so they sent us home with these little beads and told Mommy to put them in a clean litter box. The beads were to give me something nonabsorbant to scratch on. I went right away when I got home then Mommy took a little syringe and used it to put the pee in a cup and then drove it back to the vet. Hopefully Neelix goes at the vets, but in case he won't this might be another good option. Purrs for Neelix!


Tammy said...

My heart goes out to you. I know how difficult it must be for you. I hope that an answer can be found, so that Neelix will get better and gain weight. You all are in my prayers.

Nancy K. said...

Come on Nelix ~ RALLY Boy! RALLY!!
If only I could send you a bit of MY extra weight...

Kathy said...

I like Nancy's suggestion. I could send a couple of pounds, too. :)

I do hope they find out what's going on and it's an easy fix.

(And tell the Shepherd I wish him the best of luck!)

Rascal said...

Oh Neelix, I hope the humans can figure out what is wrong and how to help you. Please don't give up on them. Purrrrs!

Sharon said...

What to say Tina - my heart goes out to you. Every night when I get home from work, I have a ginger cat waiting to tell me how glad he is that I'm home, and we have a little ritual that's just ours. I haven't had that many cats but each one has been special. I can only guess~sigh