Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Memory of Violette Noelle -

Please take a moment in your day to send healing thoughts to the family of Tracey & her kitty Monty Q who lost their sweet child Violette Noelle in an accident last week. Her funeral was this morning in their home in Maryland.

I have colored my words violet in her honor.

I'd also like to thank
The Cat Blogosphere for their lovely tributes to Neelix. It was very much appreciated.

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Kathy said...

It is so hard to even think of losing a child this way (or any other way). It seems against nature that any of us outlive our children.
I did stop in and leave a condolence message for these sad parents.
This year has not been a good one - many friends have had losses this year. I say we skip the rest and go straight into '09. :(